Tebas: ‘Madrid wants income for superficial jobs’

Javier Tebas, President of The league, kept his speech harsh and very critical against Florentino Pérez for his proposal to create a European Super League
to parallel to the Champions.

“I think that he Real Madrid I wanted to get income to sign super galacticos, but the pyramid that Florentino says is not such a pyramid, it is a balcony that sometimes passes underneath and falls ”, he slipped Thebes after the meeting of The league to which they were not invited Real Madrid, Barcelona Y Athletic and in which the rest of the clubs First Y Second They formalized their opposition to the Super League.

“I can already say that there are not going to be big galactic signings, maybe something, but they won’t be able to do great things. The most important thing for those signings to return is that PSG Y Manchester
City do not do strange things with financial fair play, “he warned Javier Tebas.

“He makes up some numbers that are not real. He lies because he cannot help football. On the contrary, destroy football based on national leagues, or you are wrong. Spanish football has taken all the measures it had to take to come out of this crisis as strong as possible and has a life for many years. He has not asked the government for any help. It is all a lie, it will be to dry us off, take the water and then distribute it by dripping, ”he said.