Tebas: ‘Madrid-Liverpool saw 100,000 more than Barça-Valladolid’

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, detailed that the party Real Madrid-Liverpool of the quarterfinals of the Champions League it only had a hundred thousand spectators more than the league clash Barcelona-Valladolid played on Monday by presenting his arguments to oppose the creation of theto Super League.

“We have data and it is like that. Real Madrid-Liverpool only had a hundred thousand more spectators than Barcelona-Valladolid on a Monday two weeks ago. Every market is different. In Spain, a Villarreal-Sevilla interests five times more than a Manchester United-Manchester City and an Eibar-Osasuna is more desirable than a Manchester United-Everton ”, he affirmed.

Tebas considered that the Super League, which “is being diluted like a sugar”, is due to the fact that ” some clubs have gone to blow up the system ”, because “they did not like the new Champions League,” and he assured that he would subtract about a billion per season from the Spanish LaLiga.

In his appearance after a meeting this Thursday in which all LaLiga clubs, except Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid, who were not invited, unanimously rejected the project, Thebes also spoke about the role of the FIFA president in this crisis, Gianni Infantino.

“I would like him to have a clear and more resounding denial in everything he says, because the Super League clubs themselves were saying that he was supporting them. You will have to say clearly that they were lying, but you have to say it clearly, “he said.