Tebas, against Madrid and Barça: ‘That they have won more titles does not mean that they are smarter’

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, has returned to load hard against the clubs involved in the unsuccessful creation of the Super League, especially targeting the three entities that are moving forward with the project: Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus.

The leader has returned to load inks this Thursday in his speech of opening at the CAP meeting organized by the European Leagues, an event that is being held in Madrid.

“The statement released by the three castaways from this project, who still maintain the unsustainable, even though the ship is half sunk and still giving lessons on whether football is going to be ruined or not“Said Thebes. In line, he insists that “that they have won more titles does not mean that they are smarter. That note shows ignorance of what is happening in professional football. We are not going to ruin Mr. Pérez, we are not going to ruin Mr. Laporta, we are not going to ruin Mr. Agnelli ”.

Thebes has advocated for continuing to stand up in a forceful way to the Superliga project. “We must not hide. Let us not be afraid of political correctness to defend principles that are in serious danger such as meritocracy, ”he said.

“The concept of the Super League has not died”, He added and continued: “The economic stability of European football is being questioned.”

The president of LaLiga has revealed that what bothers him most about the clubs that have promoted the Super League “is that they think we are stupid, naive. JThey play with our naivety, with our silence, with our politically correct. Let’s not be naive in this battle, “explained Thebes, who insists on not backing down:” You have to have a firm attitude. “