Tamara Gorro surprises with her new professional project: ‘I’m going to study’

The ‘influencer’ Tamara Beanie He has resorted to social networks to explain to his more than 1.7 million followers that he has decided to start an exciting new professional project, which involves going back to school.

“I told you that I wanted to explain why I interrupted our holidays and we had to return to Madrid. For me it is very important ”, started the Madrid player. “I’m going to give you two clues because I love games. The first, “It is never too late.” The second, in my first book I told you about it in a chapter, is called ‘fear of no’.

Tamara He confessed that “I have something pending”. “I’ve been looking at it for a long time and the time has come. La Gorro is going to study. That does not mean that I have never studied. I was trained in television, in the medium that I worked, but I have something pending that I have always been passionate about and that is dramatic art, ”he continued.

“I want to do the degree but I cannot do it because it is four years old and I have always told you that I depend on the future of my husband, I will always follow in his footsteps. So I can’t commit to a career without knowing his future. At the moment I am going to start doing a dramatic art seminar and I am starting tomorrow at a school that has brought out many artists of brutal renown. It will be my first contact with acting ”, he stated Tamara.