Tamara Gorro shows off her ‘first erotic toy’

The ‘influencer’ Tamara Beanie He started his podcast a week ago, which received the same name as his YouTube channel ‘Tamara’s Cap‘. In its new edition, the woman of Ezequiel Garay have talked openly about sexuality with the specialist Raul Gonzalez and the presenter Mar Montoro.

“Second podcast! This time I wanted to talk about a topic that for many is still taboo. Why does your sexual appetite decrease when you have been with your partner for a long time? Does having children and lack of time influence? I tell you how I live it and the sexologist @raulsexologo and my dear @mar_montoro give us answers, ”the businesswoman wrote on social networks.

In the snapshots published by Tamara On Instagram you can see that he shows his “first sex toy” and admits that his sexual appetite has diminished over the years.

“That does not mean that I am falling out of love with my partner, I love my partner but not every day I feel like having relationships because I am exhausted. I think a lot of people can identify with me, ”he explained.

Tamara He insisted that “I have always told my husband that love must be cared for, it is a plant that must be watered constantly.” “As that hydration is lost, to call it somehow, everything rots,” he said.