Tamara Gorro dresses in a spectacular way … and everyone looks at this ‘intimate’ detail

The ‘influencer’ Tamara Beanie, who has more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram, has taken to social media to celebrate the arrival of the weekend. The Segovian woman has taken the opportunity to ask for “responsibility” because we are still immersed in the global fight against coronavirus.

Photo and message from Tamara Gorro

“FRIDAY! You already know virtual family, to put on the best clothes to enjoy the weekend ”, the television personality started next to a spectacular pose in which she appears perfectly dressed but without underwear.

Tamara He continued, “And in the best clothes he enters, the pajamas to rest, the tracksuit to play sports, jeans to enjoy with the family or more arranged to go to dinner.” “The question? ENJOY, but with RESPONSIBILITY. I LOVE YOU!”, He sentenced.

Recently, the wife of Ezequiel Garay He traveled with his family to Gran Canaria to spend a few days disconnecting. During the holidays, Tamara she was very active on social media and encouraged her ‘followers’ to travel around Spain this summer.

The family, in the Canary Islands

“When you choose a place to spend a few days off, what you want the most (at least me) is a nice and close attention. Get up and see the sea, run along the promenade and have an ice cream without having to take the car … #mamamolona # esteañoturismoenespaña ”, he explained.