Tamara Falcó la lía when talking about vaccines: ‘I prefer to wait a little longer’

Tamara Falcó has given her opinion on vaccines against covid-19 and her comments have left nothing indifferent. Isabel Presley’s daughter has wanted to speak on a sensitive issue that has generated some controversy.

And it is that Tamara has assured in the program of ‘El Hormiguero’ that she does not want to be vaccinated with Astrazeneca. The television, which is increasingly in love with Íñigo Onieva With whom he already shares plans with his family, he attended the weekly debate that he shares on Antena 3 with PI speak Motos, Cristina Pardo, Nuria Roca and Juan del Val and there he made his position on the vaccination process clear.

Last week, the Marchioness of Griñón, who just a year ago lost her father, Carlos Falco, because of the coronavirus, she already made it clear that she would prefer to be able to choose which vaccine to get.

Thus, while Juan del Val affirmed that it was necessary to be vaccinated yes or yes, Tamara was not so clear about it. When Pablo Motorcycles he asked her “If they told you:‘ Hello Tamara, we are going to put you AstraZeneca‘? ”She was blunt. “Well, he would say to them:‘ Ciao, pescao ’”, leaving his friends in the gathering speechless.

“I do not want to be vaccinated with AstraZeneca because I want them to assure me that the vaccine they are going to give me is safe and, for now, Pzifer is the one that is giving the best results, ”said Tamara. “I prefer that doses continue to arrive and wait a little longer. It is also my freedom ”, he added.