‘Talking about Alcaraz as a replacement for Nadal does not help too much’

Juan Carlos Ferrero placeholder image, the man who directs the young man’s tennis destiny Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image, he qualified his quote with Rafael Nadal as a “generational duel”, but he rejects that his pupil is heir to the number two in the world because “it does not serve much” and supposes an “added pressure” for his player.

“Everything that is said about Carlos as Rafa’s replacement, I think is not a good thing for him. It is an added pressure that is put on it. It doesn’t do much good. I like to think that we have another player who has a lot of potential. With his game and his way of approaching game by game, the face to face with the players, he makes me trust that he will be very good. But you have to go step by step. Wednesday is a generational duel, “Ferrero said in statements to the Madrid tournament.

Ferrero, who became number one in the world and champion of Roland Garros in 2003 and finalist of the United States Open, as well as a three-time Davis Cup winner, he stressed that Carlos Alcaraz is a tennis player who can opt for great things.

Carlos is the boy who comes from behind, not to replace but to opt for great things

“For me it is a generational duel. Rafa is surviving, he is playing at a very high level, fighting for Grand slams. I would not dare to speak of relief. It is true that Carlos is the boy who comes from behind, not to substitute but to opt for great things and play great games, ”Ferrero said on the eve of the duel against the five-time winner at the Caja Mágica.

Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz already had direct contact in the Australian Open. They shared training and played a set and a half.

”Rafa already knows Carlos because we train together in Australia. He had that opportunity to play a set and a half. He knows that Carlos is dangerous, that he has to come out with everything ”, revealed the Alcaraz coach, who will turn 18 this Wednesday.

“Any player who is active and sees a player with projection coming already knows him and studies him. You know it’s dangerous but you also trust yourself. Rafa has more than enough experience to know how to play. Obviously he will think that Carlos is dangerous, but it is one more game for him ”, acknowledged the one who was number one in the world.

We know that Rafa on land is practically invincible

Ferrero assumes the difficulty that the appointment with Nadal, the best in history on earth, entails for Carlos Alcaraz, and the importance of his pupil maintaining concentration and contesting each point.

“We know that Rafa on the ground is practically invincible, but the biggest challenge will be trying to be mentally stable all the time. It has to be Carlos’s main virtue. Rafa plays absolutely every point and for young people, what costs them the most is to be permanently focused one hundred percent. It is a great motivation to do it here, at home. His family is here and they haven’t seen him play for a long time. He’s really looking forward to it, ”he added.