Tadic saves Ajax against PSV in a classic with incidents

The ‘De Topper’ (classic) of Dutch football between PSV Eindhoven and Ajax ended in a draw (1-1), with incidents at the end and with the Serbian Dusan Tadic damaged by the throwing of objects at the exit of the stadium.

After the penalty, the controversy

Tadic, who scored the tying goal for leader Ajax in added time and a penalty, then sought out PSV captain Denzel Dumfríes, whom he faced and with whom he tried to settle pending scores.

Tadic had to be separated from his rival by his teammates and reassured by the referee, who shortly after indicated the end of the match.

Follow the tangana on the way to the changing rooms

The reproaches and the exchange of words continued between players of both teams on the way to the changing rooms.

Then radical PSV Eindhoven fans waited for the Ajax members to leave and threw coins at them on the way to the bus. Some hit the head of Tadic, captain of Erik Ten Hag’s team, before reaching the vehicle.

Tadic’s version

“I didn’t say anything about Dumfries’ mother. I took the ball to shoot the penalty and three PSV players stood in front of me and others tried to destroy the penalty spot. Then he came and called me an idiot and told me I’d miss the penalty. and that he was not a leader. When I scored I looked for him to shut his mouth. What should I do? Thank him? No, it’s not my mentality, “said Tadic at the end of the match, before leaving the stadium.

PSV lose a great opportunity

The ‘De Topper’ of Dutch football ended in a draw and with the Ajax leadership strengthened.

Israel’s Eran Zahavi put PSV ahead in the match at Phillips Stadium. Ajax managed to equalize in added time, with the penalty transformed by Tadic, and maintains, with a pending match, six points ahead of PSV itself, second, after 24 games played.

PSV played most of their remaining options to continue opting to win the Eredivisie but came within a breath of defeating the leader. The victory would have left him 3 points behind the leader.