Sylvia Pantoja’s tremendous scare in ‘Survivors’: ‘I almost drowned’

This Monday in ‘Honduras connection‘, The gala that presents Jordi Gonzalez Every Monday, the contestants of ‘Survivors 2021’ have participated in a new reward game. A test that, however, has had a harrowing outcome for Sylvia Pantoja.

In teams of three, the survivors have had to face off in an obstacle course It required great physical effort. In one part of the circuit, the contestants had to swim up to some buoys that indicated the location of some pots with different pieces of a puzzle.

Sylvia Pantoja: “I have swallowed a lot of water”

Sylvia Pantoja had a very bad time in the water and, when she finished the test, she was still very distressed. “I have swallowed a lot of water and have vomited what I had eaten. I have swallowed a lot of water. I don’t know how to swim, well more or less I defend myself, but not diving, and I couldn’t and almost drowned”Explained the cousin of Isabel Pantoja, visibly affected.

Sylvia Pantoja’s tremendous scare in ‘Survivors’: ‘I almost drowned’.

Sylvia’s team came last and they couldn’t enjoy the reward. Those who have eaten a delicious plate of spaghetti have been Gianmarco Onestini, Omar Sánchez and Alejandro Albalá in the first place, and Melyssa pinto, Lara Sajén Y Tom Brusse later.