Sweden, to maintain the leadership in Kosovo

The Sweden from Ibrahimovic visit Kosovo in the second game of this classification towards the Qatar World Cup 2022 and does so as a leader after the puncture of Spain in view of Greece (1-1).

The Scandinavians, after beating 1-0 Georgia They visit the one who, in principle, is the weakest rival in the group and they do so with all their troops ready, including the returnee Ibrahimvic that, at 39, “can still do ninja things” as he said in the previous one.

The box Kulusevski, Lindelöf or the forward of the Milan Among others, he hopes to score three more points in his first outing and to reach the duel with full force against his direct rival, which is the Spain from Lewis
Enrique which they will face already in the next break, although before, paradoxically, they will do so in the Eurocup of this summer where they were framed next to Poland and Slovakia.

For its part, the Balkan team is presented in this qualifier as the team with the fewest names in its ranks but with the illusion of a country that, despite its young age, has shown that it has an acceptable level to fight the matches against the big players. selections from the continent.