Susi Caramelo explains how he rejected Messi: ‘He told me,’ Are you coming to my house to party? ”

“Many years ago, I was dating an uncle and one night we went to the Catwalk in Barcelona. And I was in the VIP area and I go to the bathroom and suddenly I find a boy and a girl and a kid. And they said, ‘Well, Lionel, we’ll wait for you outside and decide what to do.’

Susi Caramelo’s anecdote with Messi

Thus begins the fun night in which the comedian Susana Cabero, better known as “Susi Caramelo” rejected a young man Leo Messi for not knowing who he was. An anecdote that he will never forget and that he has now wanted to remember in the Movistar program ‘Illustrious ignorant people’.

“I get out of pissing and all of a sudden there was just the kid sitting on a couch. And I, who am very nice, who talk to every god, I say to him: ‘Is your name Lionel? Like the Lyonnais? And what do you like: cream, cream or chocolate? “Totally, I love it,” he continued.

But it didn’t stop here and the Argentine dared to suggest that he continue with the party at his house: “I go outside and in a moment I see this kid looking at me and he starts to make faces at me, to smile. They start to kick us out and when I go out the turkey comes to me and says: ‘What are you doing now?’ And I told him that I was going to wait outside for the guy I had come with and such, “the comedian continued.

“When I finish the sentence and go down the stairs, suddenly a crowd comes and they begin: ‘Leo! Leo! Leo! ‘ They corner the kid, I stand in the corner and say: ‘Who is this guy?’ And they tell me: ‘It’s Leo Messi, The best soccer player in the world’. I say, ‘Don’t screw me! I just told him that I’m with someone else ”, he said with a laugh.

But Leo’s insistence did not cease and he wanted to propose, once again, that he accompany him to his house: “And I was already in the street where the car was parked and suddenly he comes Leo Messi again: ‘Are you coming to my house? We’re going to have a party, some friends are going. I would have left, because they don’t invite you to a soccer party every day. But do you know why I said no? He was so poor that if I go to that uncle’s house, they won’t even kick me out with a red card, “he said. Susi.

Suso Caramelo claims to have ‘learned’ the lesson

But as they say, “you learn from mistakes” … and what if Susana learned from this: “I told her no because I didn’t have a penny, because if I went, how do I pay for parking when I get back? Total, this is the story of how I rejected Leo Messi, I missed the train. And the worst thing is that two days later the other turkey left me. Of course, I do not miss one more. I know who he is until Tamudo now ”, he ended up causing laughter from all those present on set.