Susanna Griso’s forceful response to the controversial words of Tamara Falcó about Pablo Iglesias

Tamara Falco participates every week in the news gathering of ‘The Hormiguero‘And his words often give a lot to talk about later. And that is precisely what happened this Friday after some controversial words that the Marchioness of Griñón dedicated on Thursday to Pablo Iglesias.

Specifically, the socialite and television collaborator sent a message to the new candidate of United We Can to the elections of the Community of Madrid that showed what his ideological position is. “There is a very clear message to Pablo Iglesias: We can, in Madrid we don’t want you“, He said. Some words that surprised even his setmates, who did not take long to reply that there will be people who are in favor of the purple formation.

Tamara Falcó, this Thursday in ‘El Hormiguero’.

Susanna Griso on Tamara Falcó: “She speaks as if she had representation over the entire Madrid electorate”

Well, this Friday in ‘Public mirror‘A moment has been discussed about Falcó’s intervention in the program of Pablo Motorcycles. Susanna griso, presenter of the morning magazine, has been review with the businesswoman and wanted to make it clear that there will be people who disagree with her.

She speaks as if she had representation over the entire Madrid electorate, right? It’s Tamara’s catchphrase, who’s been talking a lot lately”Said Griso, critical of the gathering of‘ El Hormiguero ’. Another collaborator of ‘Espejo Público’ has also responded to the daughter of Isabel preysler: “Look, I like Tamara, but I don’t think the appropriate social and intellectual referent”.