Susanna Griso settles in a hotel after separating from Carles Torra

They say that new year, new life and new look. And it seems that Susanna Griso He has taken it very seriously this 2021. The ‘look’ no, but the change of life. And is that the presenter is adapting to her new routine, after break away who has been her husband for the last 23 years, Carles torras.

In fact, the journalist He has changed his usual address for a hotel in the vicinity of ‘Antena 3’. Although yes, it has nothing to do with their separation, but rather with the snowstorm that is shaking Madrid.

This is how Griso herself confessed in her program, ‘Espejo Público’: “I am going to confess that Roberto Brasero
he has us all sleeping in a hotel, next to the TV, because he told us that the snow was going to start earlier ”, explained the Catalan.

“Yesterday he told me that you can overtake, and I listened to him and here I have installed myself two hundred meters from Antena 3. I pay attention to you, you have seen that I listen to you ”, Susanna continued with a laugh.

And it is that the presenter has joined work this week after enjoying a well-deserved Christmas vacation with her family in Catalonia: “I face this year with great enthusiasm, many changes and many challenges ahead,” she declared to Europe on Tuesday Press.