Susanna Griso gets angry at a failure in full direct: ‘Don’t do this to me, I’ll throw in the towel’

On tv shows live from time to time there are glitches and gaffes. And that is precisely what happened to Susanna Griso this Thursday in ‘Public mirror‘. The host made a mistake that did not go unnoticed and had an unexpected reaction.

The source of the error? A change in the last minute rundown carried out by the program team and what caught the journalist by surprise. Despite this, Griso preferred take it with humor, although he did give a wake up call to his colleagues who unleashed the laughter of some collaborators of the morning program of Antena 3.

Susanna Griso, this Thursday in ‘Espejo Público’.

It all happened after the magazine’s collaborators commented on a video that has gone viral on social networks. The presenter then intervened to give way to the next topic of the day. “Paca la Piranha has entered Congress”Said Griso. However, he was instantly aware that the teleprompter indicated that it was another news that followed. And it is that his companions had replaced the news about the wink of Pablo Iglesias to Paca la Piranha in the Congress of Deputies for the story of Luis Rodríguez Patiño, a cure who fights for equality within the Church and asks that women can also be priestesses.

Susanna Griso: “Look, I invent things to make transitions, but now I’m throwing in the towel”

The host of ‘Espejo Público’ then stopped and explained to the spectators what had happened, in addition to giving a touch to the team. “Let’s see, don’t do these things to me. You trade Paca la Piranha for a priest. Let’s see how I do the tour“The journalist complained, yes, taking it with humor. “Look, I invent things to make transitions, but now I’m throwing in the towel”Added Griso, causing laughter on set.