Susana, the last winner of the ‘Pasapalabra’ jackpot, reveals what happened in her last question

On June 11, 2015, Susana garcia managed to take the 450,000 euros from Pasapalabra boat after hitting the complete rosco. Since then and despite all the contestants who have gone through the contest, no woman has taken it back.

That day, the Salamancaian, with a degree in Translation and Interpreting, won the second highest award obtained by a woman, only surpassed by the 1.3 million Paz Herrera.

Six years after that moment, García gave an interview to El Confidencial in which he recalled how that afternoon of filming was.

“In the last question I had only one answer option. The definition was ‘Fencing of tall stakes woven with long branches’, and I said ‘hedge’. At that point they hung up and told me that the answer was not correct. As is known by all, on occasions, the team tends to paralyze the recording to check some of the answers and that day the checks lasted for half an hour. When we resumed the recording, I repeated the answer, and they considered it valid. I could’nt believe it. It was quite a rush ”, recalls the woman from Salamanca.

It is a way of working on the recording that, according to her, is common in this contest. “I think it is a common maneuver, but the truth is that I have never discussed it with anyone. In my case, it is true that they were checking it because they had another word -‘Sebe’-. However, my answer also fit the definition that Christian -Gálvez- had read. They directly tell you ‘no’, and you really take it for granted that it is not valid, so the joy is immense when they then take your answer for correct. I think that, perhaps, they do it to prepare everything and call the relatives ”, he believes.

“It is true that they were checking it because they had another word [’Sebe’]However, my answer also fit the definition Christian had read. [Gálvez]”

As for the contest prize, remember, as other contestants have done before, that the Treasury takes half. Still, it was a nice pinch.

“We took a trip. I took the children, who were small then, to Italy. We have allocated part of it to our vacations, but much remains for their education. We kept it in case they wanted to study a degree tomorrow. You have to be proactive because, sometimes, life does not hurt anything and 200,000 euros do not allow you to stop working. The Pasapalabra boat has given me great peace of mind, ”says the graduate in Translation and Interpreting