Survivors: Schedule and where to watch the show’s premiere on TV

Start a new edition of ‘Survivors‘, The reality show of Telecinco that from the hand of Jorge Javier Vazquez will present the 16 contestants who on the island will have to survive the challenges that lie ahead. Together with the Catalan he will accompany him Lara Alvarez, as well as Jordi González and Carlos Sobera They will lead the set, with debates on everything that happens.

Up to two debates will be in this edition. ‘Survivors: Honduras connection’ will be presented by Jordi Gonzalez on Sunday night, while the other debate will be Survivors: in no man’s land ‘, which will be conducted by Carlos Sobera, that everything seems to indicate that it will take place on Tuesday night, although it is not yet official. The two debates will take place to comment on what happens on the island, with space for debaters, former contestants and the fierce struggles between relatives and defenders of the protagonists.

New edition of Survivors

In this new edition ‘Survivors’ brings important news in order to raise expectations in your audience. Now, the fate of the 16 contestants of the reality show is completely in the hands of the viewers.

Up to eight of them will jump from the helicopter in the opening room and will be the ones who occupy Pirate Morgan Island. The remaining eight will have another adventure, which will be the live on the Stranded Ship, with the aim of earning each week the possibility of reaching the helicopter to reach the island and become a full-fledged survivor.

Telecinco, for its part, has enabled on your website the possibility of voting before this situation, in such a way that the followers of the reality show gain prominence in the future of the program. This is one of the important novelties in this edition of Survivors

Another of the great incentives will be the presence of the controversial and famous Sofía Suescun, winner of ‘Survivors 2018’. In this edition, he will be in charge of presenting the space ‘Survivors: an extreme adventure’. This program will take place in Mitele PLUS Monday through Friday, where he will focus especially on the survival exercise that the contestants will carry out.

Special attention will be paid to how they carry out the fishing work, to whether they are capable of get food or water, as well as their ability and dexterity to build a shelter or home where you can protect yourself from Meteorological phenomena that could put your health at risk.

When is the Survivors Gala 1 airing?

The gala is broadcast today,
Thursday, April 8, at 22.00 hours

Where to see the gala 1 of Survivors?

The gala can be seen by Telecinco, Mediaset channel. You can follow all the information about what happens by the Other World section, on the Mundo Deportivo website.