‘Survivors’: Olga Moreno, in the spotlight for stealing Melyssa and eating from Alejandro’s reward

Olga Moreno is going through its most difficult week since it started ‘Survivors 2021‘. The woman of Antonio David Flores has been caught stealing part of the reward what Melyssa pinto won last week in ‘The Table of Temptations’ and also eating the reward of Alejandro Albala, hiding it from the rest of his companions (although doing so with his consent). All this he had to face this Thursday at the Palapa.

Olga and Melyssa have been together for more than three months and have inseparable friends in the ‘reality’. But even though the survivor he did confess to his partner having stolen from him part of its cocoa cream, that of ‘The Island of Temptations’Could not avoid see it as a betrayal.

It hurt, but I have to say, it wasn’t that I was so surprised. Yes that was a shock for me, but it is true that I have lived with her for 24 hours and I have noticed your anxiety about food (…) I can understand that in an extreme situation I could commit that act, but I feel that if I had not said that I knew, maybe she would not have told me“Melyssa explained live.

Melyssa Pinto in ‘Survivors’.

Melyssa Pinto: “It hurts and I can’t help it”

Although the young woman has made it clear that still love olga and that she feels that she is an important person for her, she has also confessed that she is not like before. “I do not know how to act, I am sad to see her and I think she has asked me for forgiveness many times. But it hurts me and I can’t help it“Acknowledged the ex of Tom Brusse, who has asked his partner to give him time to be well again.

Melyssa Pinto in 'Survivors'.

Melyssa Pinto in ‘Survivors’.

Olga Moreno, dejected: “I apologize to everyone”

For her part, Olga has been very affected by what happened with her friend. “I feel dirty. I’m not like that. This program takes you to extremes that are not normal, that I have not lived in my life. From what I can boast is because of the friends I have, in my life I have failed anyone. I ask Melyssa for forgiveness again, I hope that one day she can forgive me (…). I apologize to everyone”Lamented the survivor through tears.

Olga Moreno in 'Survivors'.

Olga Moreno in ‘Survivors’.

Olga Moreno was caught eating an individual reward that was not hers

But there was still something to show that, initially, it had been presented as another theft by Olga, in this case of the reward of Alejandro Albalá. “Much attention please. The topic of robberies does not end here: there is still something to show. We have placed a monitor in the Palapa so that you yourself can see the sequence in question ”, he announced Jorge Javier Vazquez.

Survivors, astonished, then saw how one night Olga took Alejandro’s reward – chicken and chips – and he was eating secretly. The survivor was quick to clarify: “It wasn’t theft, but hey”. A statement that Alejandro has immediately supported, that as it was full, he told his partner that save him the reward and that he could eat.

Despite this, the surprise in the rest of the companions was evident. Except maybe in Lola Mencía, that he did hear his partner eat and that he has remembered that the rewards are individual and cannot be shared. “Those rewards are supposed to be individual and even if you can’t take it anymore, they can’t be shared”, Explained Lola.

Despite having broken the rules, for now the organization has not announced any type of sanction for the contestant. But what will Olga’s classmates think of everything that happened? Will it take a toll on you this week?