‘Survivors’: Jordi González’s skid with Lola’s chest

Sundays on Telecinco are synonymous with debate. Therefore, another day, Jordi Gonzalez He returned to command the Mediaset space to comment on everything that happened in recent days in ‘Survivors’.

As usual at the beginning of the program, the presenter connects with all the contestants who are in Honduras divided into different beaches. For this reason, one of those greeted by the Catalan journalist was Lola, the first to be expelled from the edition.

The program went until Destierro Beach, where the young woman has been since last Thursday, when she was the least voted by the public and therefore, was eliminated from the contest.

Once there, the reality show issued a video in which it was seen how the first days of Lola had been apart from her companions. In it you could see the former contestant of ‘The Island of Temptations‘Crying for the suffering she was suffering and also, she showed how a bug had bitten her all over her body, including her chest, which Lola showed without shame before the camera.

This is how Lola’s chest was in ‘Survivors’

After that, the presenter worried about the contestant’s state of health and told her that “we have run out of breath when we saw that bug bite that yesterday attacked you and made you grow a kind of ball … What bug bit you? ”, Clearly mistaking the young woman’s chest for a reaction to the peck.

As expected, social networks echoed the skid and did not hesitate to comment on it with the most critical messages: