‘Survivors’ forces Alexia Rivas to eat pizza: ‘What he does is suspicious …’

The journalist Alexia Rivas He had not digested any food of his own accord for four days. That is why the organization of ‘Survivors 2021‘He chose to invent a test in which he forced the young woman to eat a huge piece of pizza in less than 7 minutes.

Before the ‘stranded’ started the weekly reward test, Lara Alvarez explained that Alexia rivas would have a fundamental role in this and that should meet a personal challenge: to swallow all the food in the shortest possible time. The longer you eat, the less time your companions would have to complete your challenge.

Finally, the reporter, who was thus forced to break her fast, could not finish her pizza. Fortunately, it was a joke and his colleagues were able to perform the test normally.

Jordi González in ‘Survivors’

Jordi González, to Alexia: “It is not a medical problem, but yours”

The Catalan presenter did not hesitate to warn the contestant that “if you refuse to eat, you are causing yourself a serious health problem, and it is not a medical problem, but yours and for us this attitude would be similar to wanting to abandon or throw away the towel”. “You have to say things by name, if you are abandoning, acknowledge it,” he insisted.

The collaborators present on the set of the program coincided with Jordi Gonzalez and they applauded their scolding Alexia. “What he does is suspicious …”, he pointed out. Lydia lozano placeholder image.