‘Survivors 2021’: the public saves Gianmarco Onestini again!

This Tuesday a new program of ‘No man’s land’, The‘ Survivors ’gala that every Tuesday presents Carlos Sobera. As happens every week, the night has revolved around the ‘Salvation ceremony‘, In which one of the four nominees is saved from the expulsion from Thursday. On this occasion, the audience has again voted to Gianmarco Onestini, while Tom Brusse, Palito Dominguín Y Alejandro Albala They will risk it all in two days.

Alejandro and Palito were the first to know the verdict of the audience. “I have companions who are quite strong, so nothing. That the audience decides is fine, so little by little and I hope that on Thursday I can save myself, ”said the first, covered in mud. “I’m sad, why am I going to lie
. But I prefer to stay positive. I think I can give much more. But I trust the audience and whatever has to happen, ”Palito lamented.

Tom Brusse, Palito Dominguín and Alejandro Albalá continue to be nominated.

Between Tom and Gianmarco, it was finally the Italian who was saved, again, by the audience. Thus, the French will be nominated again until Thursday, a dynamic that has become routine for him. “Thanks to all my ‘gianmarquistas’, to all the people who believe in me. I love you!”, Celebrated the ex of Adara Miller.

The survivors send Alexander to the Aground Ship!

More bad news for Alejandro. In addition to continuing to be nominated, the contestant has had to set course for the Aground Ship, after being chosen by his peers. Will live there two days, as previously announced by Carlos Sobera, although this important piece of information has not been communicated to the survivor until he has reached the enclave.

“I know that from the beach of Pirata Morgan you have a view in paradise, and I know that you can also see the Ship Aground, which is so far and so close at the same time and that you have never visited. Tonight this is going to change. Pay attention, because one of you goes to the Boat with the five stranded enjoying to the fullest of that floating hell”, Announced the presenter to the survivors. Tom and Alejandro have been the most voted by his companions to leave the beach and has been Melyssa pinto, leader of the week, who has finally broken the tie and sent the ex-husband of Isa Pantoja to the Stranded Ship.

Alejandro Albalá will live two days in the Stranded Ship.

Alejandro Albalá will live two days in the Stranded Ship.