‘Survivors 2021’: the audience saves Melyssa again!

This Tuesday a new gala of ‘Survivors 2021’In which, like every Tuesday, a new salvation ceremony in which the audience has saved one of the four survivors nominees. On this occasion, fans of the format have once again saved Melyssa pinto, already much more animated, has celebrated it like no other day. A) Yes, Omar Sanchez, Tom brusse Y Marta Lopez will continue to be nominated until Thursday’s gala, in which one of them will be sent to Playa Destierro and his continuity in the contest will be in jeopardy.

The change that Melyssa has made this last week has been noticed, and a lot. Shortly after the ‘reality show’ started, the one of ‘The Island of Temptations‘Fell apart and assured that wanted to leave, that he could not with hunger and that the experience was too hard. The young woman even tried ask for the vote of the hearing for his expulsion and she made no secret of her disappointment when she was saved two weeks ago. However, the also ‘influencer’ has changed its attitude and, now more adapted, is willing to go to the end.

‘Survivors 2021’: the audience saves Melyssa again!

In fact, before knowing the verdict of the audience, the contestant assured that she did not want to leave. “I would be sorry. I know I am a roller coaster. I said I didn’t want to stay, but now I do want to stay. I feel stronger. I would like you to support me“Said Melyssa. When Lara Álvarez, presenter on the field, announced that finally the contestant who is out of danger this week is Melyssa, the young woman was happy as never before and launched a message of thanks to the audience.

Melyssa and Olga win the first part of the leader’s game

This week there has been a news regarding the leader game. Usually, this is played on Thursdays and the winner gets the immunity and the ability to nominate a partner directly. Instead, the ‘Survivors’ team organized this Tuesday the First half of the leader game, in which the two participants who obtained the best position would qualify for the grand final next Thursday.

The contestants have faced each other in a physical test in which they have had to climb onto a platform above the water and hold onto a small wooden pole with their backs. When Lara Álvarez turned the wheel, they went leaning vertically facing the water, being increasingly difficult to maintain stability. Finally, they have been Olga Moreno and Melyssa who have lasted longer without falling. During the gala next Thursday, Both will face each other in ‘The Wild Ferris Wheel’, the ordeal that Sofía Suescun and Logan have already faced.