‘Survivors 2021’: the audience saves Alejandro Albalá from expulsion

This Tuesday in ‘No man’s land‘, The gala of’Survivors‘ Presented by Carlos Sobera, a new salvation ceremony in which one of the nominated contestants of the week has been saved from expulsion. Melyssa pinto, Antonio Canales placeholder image, Tom brusse Y Alejandro Albala They are the survivors who were nominated last week and the audience has decided to save Albalá. The rest will have to wait for the gala on Thursday, in which we will meet the second expelled from the edition.

Thank you! Thank you very much to all of you, and especially to my friends, to my family, to all the people who have voted for me and have lost a “minute” in sending a message.. Thank you very much! ”, Said the ex-husband of Isa Pantoja after hearing the verdict of the hearing and in front of an annoyed Tom Brusse, since for the second time in a row he will have to wait until Thursday to be saved or expelled.

Tom Brusse continues to be nominated for the second time in a row.

Lara Álvarez launches a wake-up call to Melyssa

During the salvation ceremony there was a moment of tension. It happened when the nominees made their arguments to ask for the vote of the audience. When Melyssa’s turn came, she surprised with a request: “I am looking forward to the mud. I have come to realize that this experience is not for me. So I hope the people who love me don’t save me, because I’m looking forward to coming home”.

Lara Álvarez: “This is a plea to leave. It’s not allowed”

Those words stunned Lara Alvarez, the host of ‘Survivientes’ from Honduras, who did not hesitate to draw attention to the contestant. “But this is what is called a plea to get out. You know it’s not allowed, right?”, The host of the program made clear. The reason? The program does not allow these types of movements, since if a contestant wants to leave, they must Leave directly and therefore pay the penalty.

Alexia Rivas, more animated: “I’m starting to eat a little better”

Many fans of the show and television collaborators they worried this Sunday during the gala of ‘Honduras connection‘ when Alexia Rivas, despite carrying four days without eating Of his own free will, he was unable to eat a slice of pizza live. An extraordinary measure that the program imposed and that was highly criticized by the spectators.

The program forced Alexia Rivas to eat on Sunday.

The program forced Alexia Rivas to eat this Sunday.

Well, before starting the reward game, the journalist showed more animated and delivered a reassuring message. “I’m already starting to eat a little better, slowly but a little better. And they are taking good care of me and I am also doing to be a little better ”, assured the contestant, also addressing her family directly so that they do not worry.