‘Survivors 2021’: Lola, first expelled from the edition

This Thursday the second gala of ‘Survivors 2021‘. Just a week ago, Mediaset’s toughest survival reality show began and the first four nominees of the edition were already out then: Gianmarco Onestini, Lola Mencía, Tom Brusse and Olga Moreno. Finally, the audience has decided that the first one expelled from the edition is that of ‘The Island of Temptations‘.

Lola, who had surprised herself by her strength and attitude, couldn’t stop crying upon hearing the verdict. “I am leaving very satisfied because I have fished, I have tried to make fire like a jabata, I have put ovaries to everything. In the tests I have done very well. And if I have to go, I’ll go with my family and my boy, who I miss them a lot, ”she said through tears.

Tell you that I have been very comfortable, that Melyssa, fight for me even if it is, that you can. Gianmarco I adore you, I really love you very much. Tom, Omar, Albalá, Antonio, Alexia, Lara … I love you very much”, She added by way of farewell, crying uncontrollably. What Lola did not know was that her adventure was not over: the program premieres in this edition ‘Destierro Beach‘, Where the young Leonese will have to survive alone and face next week a new televote with the next one expelled or expelled.