‘Survivors 2021’ | Full list of confirmed contestants

The new edition of ‘Survivors‘ It is just around the corner. The show’s producer has been working for weeks on new additions to the contest, which will begin just a few days after the third season of ‘The Island of Temptations‘.

Despite the rumors that have accompanied the reality show in recent weeks and with which many names of those celebrities who could end up in Honduras have been shuffled, the first official contestants of ‘Survivors 2021’ have already begun to become official.

This is the full list of contestants for ‘Survivors’:


The flamenco dancer became this past week the first confirmed contestant of the new edition of ‘Survivors‘. “Dear friends, I say goodbye for a while. I march towards new challenges to conquer. New adventures and unknown horizons await me! Wish me luck … ”, he wrote on his Instagram account after the announcement by the program.


A reality show of Telecinco It is not complete without some member of the Pantoja family in it. No sooner said than done. In the middle of the earthquake that the clan is experiencing, the tonadillera’s cousin will disembark in Honduras to try to take the briefcase.

The singer will participate in this contest for the second time, after passing through the third edition broadcast on Antena 3 and produced by Globomedia in 2004, which was called ‘The jungle of the famous’.

Sylvia Pantoja, in ‘Cantora: The poisoned inheritance’


The journalist becomes the third confirmed contestant of the new edition of ‘Survivors‘. After starring in the most famous love triangle on television, the reporter returns to Mediaset to publicize her most unknown facet: her personal one.


Without a doubt, Tom was the main protagonist of the second edition of ‘The Island of Temptations‘. The Moroccan arrived in the Dominican Republic to strengthen his relationship with Melyssa, but ended up leaving there with Sandra Pica, the single woman who managed to make him fall into temptation.

After that he embarked on ‘La Casa Fuerte’ and now, his appointment as a new contestant of ‘Survivors 2021‘. “How exciting. New challenge, new experience ”, he wrote minutes after it came to light that he will be a participant in the most extreme reality show of Telecinco.


The fashion designer, known on television for being the couple of Antonio David Flores For 20 years, he will embark on this Survivor adventure after he Dew Flowers did it in the last edition.

It should be remembered that a few months ago, the former Civil Guard and his wife went through very difficult times. Several people contacted ‘Save me’Ensuring that the collaborator had been unfaithful to his partner. To this day, both are still together and the television collaborator maintains that nothing that is said is true.


Carlos Alba, A former Masterchef contestant, he is the sixth confirmed contestant of ‘Survivors 2021. The chef and businessman, with dual Spanish and Italian nationality, is known for having participated in 2019 in culinary talent.

He stayed at the gates of the final of the contest, but during his time on the program he made it clear that he has a lot of personality, which promises to give us great moments.


The collaborator of ‘Save me‘ and of ‘It’s already noon‘She is an expert in reality, but now she faces the toughest of all television. We will discover in the contest how he behaves in extreme circumstances, with a shortage of food and comforts, and living with colleagues, among whom is Alexia rivas, with which her ex-boyfriend Alfonso Merlos was unfaithful.


The artist Lara sajenWhat a dancer of one of the most famous groups in our country, Fangoria, and accompanied Alaska and Nacho Canut On numerous tours, he has joined this adventure. For a time, Argentina was also a love advisor on the “MyHyV” program, which recently came to an end.


The Portuguese made her first steps into the world of television in ‘Women and men and vice versa’ as a suitor of Alberto santana. But it was in the second edition of ‘The Island of Temptations’ where she became really famous thanks to her love story (or not love) with Tom Brusse. Now, faces will be seen again in Survivors, Telecinco’s most extreme reality show.


The canary is known in the television “world” for being the boyfriend (and future husband) of Anabel Pantoja, the niece. Now, we can also meet Omar himself in Survivors.


After establishing herself as one of the great protagonists of the third edition of ‘The Island of Temptations‘, Lola a new television adventure will begin next month. What used to be parties, amenities and an all-you-can-eat buffet will turn into an extreme challenge in which you will have to sleep in the open and find your own food.


The Italian actress, dancer and designer is an expert in reality TV. He was third in ‘Grande Fratello VIP’, participated in ‘The island of the famous’, in addition to participating in ‘The island of VIP temptations’.