Survivors 2021 begins! The first contestants have already jumped out of the helicopter

Starts the hardest reality show on television. Lara Álvarez greeted us again from Honduras eleven months later, but she did so from a different setting: a stranded ship which would be home to half of the contestants. But they still didn’t know.

With the presentations also made from the Mediaset set, Jorge Javier Vázquez and the guests were looking forward to seeing their family and friends in Caribbean waters. But first, they should know the novelty of this year: half of them should earn their place in the contest trying to survive on a ship more like the Titanic when it sank than on a Mediterranean cruise. Some were left stone -especially Tom brusse, who was dressed to enjoy a day of racing – and more relieved those who knew that they could jump from the helicopter to the beach.

Olga on Antoniodá: “If I have him in front of me, I’ll marry him again”

Melyssa, Omar and Lola, the first to jump

Melyssa became the first full-fledged contestant of the edition and shared a helicopter with a Omar that he appeared shy but that Anabel Pantoja on the set was enough to give the thing “salt.” And next to them, the revelation contestant of the year: Lola without Horus. The one from León excitedly jumped into the water and remembered her boyfriend who released the odd tear on the set.

Tom, Marta López, Alejandro Albalá, Gianmarco and Olga they were the other five lucky ones who will live more “comfortably” on the island, where they will have more possibilities to fish and find food.

Precisely Olga Moreno has been one of the great protagonists of the night. The woman of Antonio David Flores She came to the contest very conditioned by everything that is happening in Spain around her husband. “If I know, I’m not coming”He said in his presentation video. “I have already lost; this contest has a lot of head ”, she assured defeated before starting. And is that the Andalusian can not stop thinking about hers and what will be happening. “I swear to you, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to. I can’t think about children and I have to focus on survival, ”he told Jorge Javier just before jumping out of the helicopter. However, the most emotional words were dedicated to her mother and her husband Antoniodá: “If I have him in front of me, I’ll marry him again,” she said just before jumping into the water.

The first reward game

The contestants stranded on the ship faced the bounty game with the slogan of winning. Since they had the worst location, at least end the night with a joy. But it could not be: the privileged of the island took over the game managing to weigh more than his opponents and kilos of mud and coconuts were stored in unsuspected places.