Surveyors-Barça and El Salvador-Alcobendas, semifinals of the Copa del Rey

The UBU Low Zero Quantity Surveyors He already knows his rival for his first participation in the Rugby King’s Cup, he will be the Barça in the semi-finals of this tournament, after the Rugby Federation has published the pairings, with El Salvador-Alcobendas in the other.

The draw has resulted in the match being played in Barcelona on the weekend of May 1-2, despite the fact that the Burgos club would have wanted the match to be played in Burgos to avoid this trip to Barcelona.

The other semifinal will face the teams of El Salvador and Alcobendas and the final is scheduled for the June 5 or 6, although it does not yet have an assigned headquarters.

Barça is a team that traditionally does not do well to the Burgos, since this season they have faced them on two occasions this season, one in San Amaro where the Burgos team fell 18-29 and last Sunday, in the league competition with a victory for the Catalans by 39 to 33.