Surreal: a man bumps into an alligator at a post office

There are anecdotes that are really curious. If not they tell the customer of a post office located in Hernando County, Florida (United States), that Suddenly he ran into a large alligator. Yes, somewhat surreal.

The man reportedly headed to the post office with the intention of sending a package. But, what was found inside the office was far from what I expected: an alligator over two meters of length.

Fortunately and tranquility of all, the alligator was safely captured, thanks to a trapper, but it is still unknown how the animal got to the post office. One of the theories being considered is that the animal was able to enter due to the automatic doors of the establishment, and then it did not know how to get out.

The local Hernando County Sheriff’s Office echoed what happened and made a post through Facebook in which they recounted the events. A publication that has hundreds of comments and thousands of ‘likes’.