Surprising red to Savic for a slight elbow

80th minute of the match, the Atlético de Madrid was transmitting better sensations on the field and began to arrive with danger to the area of ​​the Chelsea. Two corner kicks in a row in favor of the colchoneros, but after the second … came the surprise.

Daniel Orsato stopped the game to show a red card to Stefan savic. The Montenegrin footballer could not believe it. He kept protesting as the Cholo Simeone from the bench he asked to be taken out of there.

Stefan Savic, off the pitch.

The expulsion came because the referee saw how he gave a slight elbow to Rudiger, and the German footballer collapsed on the ground as if he had been beaten. Surprising. In the images you can see that there is an elbow but it is quite rigorous to expel a player for that reason.

In fact after the expulsion, Rudiger had a conversation with Beautiful mario in which the German laughed after seeing that the Atlético de Madrid he had stayed with one less player after he threw himself in the area …