Surfer Garazi Introduces Levi’s Sustainable Jeans

The surfer Garazi sanchez presents the new collection of sustainable jeans from Levi’s, the Loose fit collection. The runner-up in Spain and runner-up on the European Circuit in 2017 is a clear example of respect for the environment that also does not give up feeling comfortable wearing the latest trends.

The surfer Garazi Sánchez, image of Levi’s

These jeans are made with the new sustainable Cottonized Hemp fiber. This “cottony” hemp is made from a hemp thread that has been treated to have the look and feel of cotton. Since hemp requires less water, fewer chemicals, and less land to grow cotton, it makes Cottonized Hemp jeans a much more sustainable option than traditional cotton.

The High Loose jean for women with a high-waisted waist and a wide leg, combining the retro style of the seventies with current trends.

Surfer Garasti Sánchez, Spain's surfing runner-up in 2020 after recovering from a serious injury
Surfer Garasti Sánchez, Spain’s surfing runner-up in 2020 after recovering from a serious injury

Garazi He has co-directed and produced the documentary “Shame”, where he becomes more aware of the impact that his way of life has on the environment where he works, and which he has enjoyed from a very young age, the ocean. The shame he feels for his lack of knowledge about the environment and his drive to learn, lead him to meet with sociologists, biologists, and different personalities with whom he talks about the current state of the oceans and the consequences that our way has on them. to live.