Supporting actors avoid the Classic

The scriptwriter of the semifinal between Real
Madrid and Athletic
Club wanted to give a twist to two of its supporting characters: Lucas Vázquez and Raúl García. With only two strokes, he changed the story and avoided the possibility of seeing a Clásico in the final of the Spanish Super Cup.

He dressed the Galician and Madridista as a villain. So many parties playing superhero and saving Zidane from winger or winger they ended up fading away with two errors in which they hurt their team: a failed delivery in hostile territory and a penalty so clear that they didn’t even protest.

All this was taken advantage of by his antagonist, Raul
Garcia. The Navarrese, who in the last game against him Real
Madrid he was a scapegoat sent off in the 13th minute, he made up for it. He made up a lot. And he was the best of his team, of the game and, together with Ter
Stegen, so far this tournament. At 34, Raúl García doesn’t want to be anything other than headliner.

Zidane, again questioned

Another of those who did not come out well at La Rosaleda was Zinedine
Zidane. The Gaul, already accustomed to living halfway between the sweetest praise and the fiercest criticism, relived the cross of the coin handcuffed by Marcelino and his high pressure.

Ideas to solve the trap did not spring from his head as they did when he was a player and ended up paying dearly. He limited himself to maintaining his non-negotiable order at the start of the ball played and forgot the rest.

When everyone demanded the entry of vertical players like Vinicius or Valverde, he did it too many minutes late and also, removing the two brains from the field of play, Modric and Hazard.

The team, yes, improved with a good Asensio, author of two shots to the post and fought until the end after getting fully with the goal of Benzema after passing through the VAR. But the clock, which always runs faster when it is necessary to go back, escaped and the whites were left without an end, without Clásico and without a Super Cup.

They will return to Madrid after his stopover odyssey Pamplona having lost the first title of the season and growing a crisis that is marking the beginning of this 2021.