‘Superpowers’ and a lot of emotion: This will be the new season of ‘La Voz Kids’

’Superpowers’, a selection of “spectacular” voices and a lot of emotion shape the next season of ‘La voz Kids’, which will soon see the light in an edition marked by recordings during the pandemic that result in it being that of “second chances”, and becoming “more special and emotional”.

La Voz Kids is a closed format in terms of the mechanics of the program, in which the ‘locks’ and ‘robberies’ will be maintained, but there will be surprises regarding the contents”, Highlighted this Thursday the director of entertainment programs in Atresmedia Carmen Ferreiro, in a virtual press conference with the presenter Eva González and the director of entertainment in Boomerang, Encarna Pardo.

After conducting a casting through which 4,000 children have passed, of which 1,000 have subsequently attended a face-to-face selection with 105 finally summoned to auditions, the “most special edition” of La Voz Kids (Atresmedia), will soon arrive through twelve galas starring children between seven and fifteen years old.

“This is the sixth season and we continue to have a successful casting, a lot of talent and also different musical styles, with very beautiful stories behind that make this the second chances edition, which has also meant learning for the coaches” , said Encarna Pardo.

With Eva González as presenter, vocalists David Bisbal, Vanesa Martín, Melendi and Rosario Flores will repeat as ‘coaches’, and will be advised by Aitana, Blas Cantó, Rozalén and Beret in the next edition of the program, back in prime time on Antena 3, in a return that, according to Eva González, they will always remember with “a very beautiful emotion”.

The new season “will arrive in the format of a single weekly edition, which is narratively more complete and allows us to better tell the stories”, Ferreiro points out about some of the details of this new edition, which maintains its coaches and will arrive with news in the content.

In each edition we give a plus with respect to the contents, and this one revolves around the superpowers of each ‘coach’, which will be related to their personality, and we will be able to see how they are applied and what consequences they have“, Reveals, and highlights” the great talent “of children in an edition that has been marked by the pandemic.

For the presenter Eva González, having filmed the last programs in the weeks after the end of the confinement has a positive reading that is transmitted on the screen: “the program gained in emotion, that contributed by the children, who are not fully aware of what is happening and that fill everything with joy as they pass ”, highlighted the Andalusian.

Recordings in which “not losing closeness or emotionality with the children” has been a priority, and also possible thanks to the security measures applied during these programs, in which emotion prevails: “I keep putting myself in the shoes of every mother or a grandmother who accompanies her child to see him sing ”, explains González after several editions at the head of the program.

“The beauty of La Voz Kids is that it is a healthy competition, children play at being music stars and that takes pressure off the coaches, who are infected with their energy”, highlights the presenter David Bisbal, who “maintains the illusion of starting ”, Melendi and her“ power to search for the most special voices ”, Rosario Flores and her“ passion and strength ”and the“ great musicality ”of Vanessa Martín.

Although the exact date of its broadcast has not yet been revealed, Encarna Pardo points out that it will be soon, in addition to confirming upcoming editions in “La Voz”, “La Voz Kids”, and “La Voz Senior”.