Superman comic breaks records after being sold for a scandal figure

The “holy grail” of the Superman comics, the number in which the superhero is presented for the first time, has broken a sales record when it was acquired this week at an auction for $ 3.25 million (2,726,000 euros), reported on social networks the comic-book sales portal Comicconnect.

“I am really excited to announce that we have broken a world record for the sale of the first issue of ‘Action Comics’ (…) The holy grail of the holy grails, the first appearance of superman, the superhero with whom it all started'” Commicconnect co-director Vicent Zurzolo said in a brief statement posted on his Facebook page.

The life of this specimen It started in 1938, when it was purchased for 10 cents of dollars.

Since then it has been sold at least three times, the last in 2018 for more than two million dollars., says the television channel CNN, which ensures that the status of the copy is excellent.

This 83-year-old comic is in near-pristine condition and is a sight to behold.Zurzolo said in a statement collected by CNN.

Its state of conservation is valued at 8.5 out of 10, according to the company “Certified Guaranty Company (CGC)”, whose expertise is used to determine the state of comics.

Buyer is a private collector whose name has not been released.

In 2014, another copy of the first issue of “Action Comics” was sold for 3.2 million dollars through the eBay sales portal, the Washington Post reported at the time, which claimed that in 2011 another had been sold for 2.1 million .

This specimen had been valued with a 9, according to the CGC scale.

The difference between the two copies does not exceed $ 50,000, but it has been enough, as Zurzolo assures, for this number to enter the annals of the Guinness Book of Records.