Super League vs New Champions: Points in favor of each of them

The arrival of the European Club Super League has turned football upside down. The announcement of the creation of this new competition by the most powerful teams found a few hours later the response of UEFA and its desire to reform the Champions League.

Once we are clear about how the two tournaments will be, we propose to highlight the points in favor of each of them.

Super league

The main argument of the clubs for the creation of the Super League is economic, since in this new competition the participants would enter much more money. Just for playing the tournament, teams like Barcelona or Real Madrid would have insured 350 million euros, a figure much higher than the one they get for playing the Champions League.

Another great point in favor of the Super League is the spectacle. The fact that the most powerful teams on the continent play against each other will make the games more interesting, which will then have an impact on the profits.

In addition, each Super League team will have the possibility of managing the static advertising of each match, without there being a fixed sponsor “imposed” by the competition.

New Champions

UEFA has been working on the reform of its star competition for months. The new format will arrive in the 2024/25 season with 4 more teams, that is, it will go from 32 clubs to 36.

The traditional group stage will become a single league stage with all teams, gaining in spectacularity. Each club will play a minimum of 10 games (5 at home, 5 away), always against a different rival.

The classification method will be meritocratic, that is, there will be no fixed places for any team. Everyone must earn the right to contest the Champions League through national competitions, maintaining the sports ‘fair play’ and the axiom that ‘may the best man win”.

Super league