Sudden question from Cintora to a gathering after ‘messing’ it up live: ‘Won’t they let you be fat?’

The words of Alberto Garzon on the consumption of meat a few days ago they continue to bring tail. Although the first to put more wood on the fire and open the debate was Pedro Sanchez, many programs have brought some talk shows who have wanted to give their opinion on it.

One of the last spaces to dedicate a strip to this topic has been ‘Las Cosas Claras’, the program of TVE presented by Jesus Cintora. After issuing the words of Pablo Casado, leader of the PP, on the subject, the presenter wanted to know the opinion of the collaborators he had at the table.

“They impose on you what you have to drink, what you have to eat, what you have to say and how you have to say it. In this country you cannot be politically incorrect because they look at you badly, in this country you cannot be fat like me ”, he said. Francisco Simon, talkative of the aforementioned space.

‘The Clear Things’

It was then when, after hearing the words of her collaborator, Cintora suddenly asked if what he was saying is that “¿¿they don’t let you be fat? ”. “Yes, they tell you that it is very bad to take sugar. I know it’s bad, but let me have whatever I want. Don’t you understand that I don’t care what the World Health Organization says? ”, He answered.