Suárez pulverizes the records of his predecessors

You could not have expected a better debut than the one Luis Suárez had in the ranks of the
Atletico Madrid.
The Uruguayan striker fell to his feet in his new team. Two goals and an assist in just 20 minutes. A real cyclone, the charrúa.

Knew the Athletic who claimed one of the best center forwards of the last decade. As much as he is 33 years old or the condition of his knee was doubted, he is a first-rate gunner. As much as to overshadow other colleagues as Diego Costa Y Alvaro
Morata, already in the Juventus
, who are also two world references in their position.

However, the Uruguayan thing is another level. Last season, the Uruguayan scored only 21 goals, the same as Coast Y Morata, which he came to replace. Despite being unemployed for several months with a knee problem, he played 36 games.
According to data from SOFASCORE
, He almost doubled the two rojiblancos in auctions. While he rolled an average of 2.3, Morata averaged 1.6 and Coast 1,2. It may be thought that the Barça it is more offensive. True. But it is not decisive. For example, in the first game of Athletic, Suarez He has already finished four times in just 20 minutes.

Luis Suárez’s match against Granada



It also generated more chances for teammates, a clear average per game. With 0.7 of Morata and 0.6 of Coast. But it is that in the case of the careers of both, the Uruguayan also destroys the numbers.



Suarez He has scored 418 goals, actually 420 with the two from the other day. The Uruguayan has an average of 0.66 goals per game in his career. While Morata carries 0.36 and Coast 0.38. In other words, the Uruguayan almost doubles the other two forwards in effectiveness. Also in assists. The Uruguayan has given 232 in his career, for 52 Morata and the 71 of Coast.


Suárez arrives at Athletic with the intention of being the solution to the lack of goal that devastated the rojiblanco team last season. His scoring average was 0.69 per game (more than one goal every two games or two goals every three games). Almost equal to the overall of his career, which is minimally reduced to 0.66 between the Groningen (2006-07), the Ajax (from 2007-08 to 2010-11), the Liverpool (2011-12 to 2013-14) and the Barcelona, with 406 goals in 612 matches, according to the records of the specialized website ‘Transfermarkt‘.

According to EFE data, the Athletic last year he was the least winner of the era Simeone Among all the competitions – also specifically in the League, with its lowest score of all the previous seven complete campaigns – it was also the least scorer: 68 goals in 50 official commitments.

An average of 1.36 per game. The lowest until then had been 1.56 in 2015-16, but then he contrasted it with an incredible defense: just 0.54 goals per game. And in the last five years the four lowest-scoring courses of the era are concentrated Simeone: 2019-20 (1.36), 2018-19 (1.54), 2017-18 (1.62) and 2015-16 (1.56).

There is more. From the total goalscorer display of Radamel Falcao (34 goals in 2012-13, with Diego Costa that same year with 21) or the impressive 2013-14 campaign of Coast -He scored 36 goals to lead the team to the title of League and at the end of the Champions-, nothing else Mario
Mandzukic (20 goals in 2014-15) and Antoine
Griezmann (25 in 2014-15, 32 in 2015-16, 29 in 2017-18 and 20 in 2018-19) have reached or exceeded twenty hits in one season.

Neither Diego
Coast in its second stage nor Alvaro Morata (was the top scorer of the Athletic last year with 16 targets) nor Fernando Torres neither Kevin Gameiro neither Yannick Carrasco neither Angel
belt neither Jackson Martinez, which only lasted a few months at the rojiblanco club.

In a different habitat, with a different way of playing, next to Lionel messi and within a staff even of a better level than that of the Athletic, Luis
Suarez has not dropped below 20 goals in his six years in the Barcelona: 25 in 2014-15, 59 in 2015-16, 37 in 2016-17, 31 in 2017-18, 25 in 2018-19 and 21 in 2019-20. Not in his recent eight courses, if the last two of the Liverpool: 31 and 30.

Has suffered it Athletic -I scored eight goals in 18 duels, spread over seven games and six as a key element for the victory of the Barcelona or for the tie-.