Stunning images: a hippo chases a tourist boat in Kenya

Kenya is one of the African countries most visited by tourists, thanks to its cultural richness, its incredible landscapes and the wildlife it treasures. One of the most popular itineraries for those who travel there is to enjoy a safari, one of its main tourist attractions.

And it is that the great density and diversity of wildlife make it a unique and incredible place. However, the animals that live in these places can sometimes cause the odd shock for the visitor.

If not that they tell the photographer Dicken Muchena and three of his friends that last Friday they probably got the scare of their lives. The four young people got on a boat to see and photograph these animals that inhabit the Lake Victoria of Kenya.

What seemed like an idyllic adventure turned into an episode of authentic terror. One of the hippos who rested in the waters of Lake Victoria did not seem to like the presence of these young people, since in the blink of an eye became enraged and began to chase them at full speed.

The four young men were mounted on a boat, but even accelerating at great speed the hippo was following them a few meters away.

Fortunately, everything was in a big scare, since they managed to outrun the enraged animal and saved its life. For sure, an anecdote that they will remember for the rest of their lives.