Strong statement from Telecinco about Rocío Carrasco’s series

Much has been said about the reasons why Rocío Carrasco has decided to break her silence and explain the story of his life in a special Telecinco documentary.

There are those who have speculated with economic motivations on the part of the daughter of Rocío Jurado, something that Mediaset has wanted to deny outright through a statement.

It was this Sunday, just before the broadcast of episodes 4 and 5, when Carlota Corredera has read the network’s version of the events to viewers.

There were those who automatically re-victimized her, attacked her on the grounds that she was doing it for money and released outrageous figures to undermine her credibility”Corredera started.

From the first contact, Rocío Carrasco told us that she wanted to speak only because she needed to tell her story publicly and as part of the treatment as a recommendation from the team of psychotherapists who have been treating her for a long time ”.

Through this joint work, Rocío was finally able to express all her emotions, contradictions and feelings without being afraid.. This catharsis that we are seeing week after week is being really liberating for her, as confirmed by her psychotherapists ”, continued the presenter.

At no time did she or her husband Fidel Albiac ask this chain or this production company for money, they never demanded anything from us in return: no money or any other benefitJust that we gave it a format that would allow it to express itself freely and without being interrupted or judged ”to end these blunt words.

It was we, the executive producers and those most responsible for this documentary series who decided that Rocío should receive compensation for the intense work carried out in the four weeks of filming, but far from the figures that have been published to invalidate her testimony. A figure that was never questioned, negotiated or commented on by her or anyone around her, Rocío only asked us to listen to it ”.