Strong predictions of Alonso and Sainz on Spain-Switzerland

Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz fully trust the options of the Spanish soccer team ahead of the quarterfinal match of the Eurocup against Switzerland this Friday. Both drivers, when asked about a possible forecast for this crucial meeting, did not hesitate to give a result, of course, favorable to the team led by Luis Enrique.

Alonso was forceful and concise in his answer: “I think Spain will win 2-1”. A week ago, the Spaniard was also confident in the victory of Spain against Croatia, something that finally happened in extra time, although he was somewhat more concerned about the possibility of crossing to France, the country of his team Alpine, something that if it happened, he said that he would make him watch the game alone in his room. Fernando will no longer have to ‘hide’ for the elimination of the French team against Swiss, a team against which Spain finally gambles its future in Euro2020.

Sainz: “I hope there will be no extension or penalties”

For its part, Carlos Sainz coincided with one of his predictions for Spain’s game against Switzerland this Friday: “I hope there is no overtime and that at the end of the ninety minutes Spain has won, 2-1 or 2-0”.

“I hope we don’t get to extra time or penalties, because Switzerland showed great physical power against France in extra time, and then they took penalties very well”Sainz pointed out at the Austrian F1 GP.