Step back from Almería in El Toralín

SD Ponferradina, after touching him in the last days with three consecutive draws, finally crowned the goal of placing, provisionally – waiting for what Rayo Vallecano does -, in the area that gives the right to play the promotion phase after come back (2-1) to a UD Almería who let slip the option of recovering the second place that Spanish had snatched from him.

The people of Almería suffered the same result as last season, then for the locals to mathematically achieve permanence and now to place themselves very close to that goal and be able to dream of higher levels.

Deportiva began the clash with an ambitious bet, forcing several corner kicks, in one of which, at 9 minutes, Carlos Doncel combed the sending of Erik Morán, crashing the ball into the far post.

Little by little, UD Almería became the owner of possession, but without the locals going through too much trouble except in a great pass from Morlones on Juan Villar that he finished off, winning his back on the defense, out of Caro’s reach. , canceling the action for offside.

Equality marked the first half until it was broken in an individual action by Portuguese Samú Costa who, after controlling and approaching the area, hooked a left-footed shot that made it impossible to stretch the sportsman goalkeeper who demanded more pressure from his teammates not to let him he would arm his shot so comfortably to score his second goal of the season that he put Almería ahead.

After the resumption, the game went back and forth and precisely this circumstance favored the locals who, after seeing how their rival first brushed 0-2 with a solo ride from Akieme and then wasted a counterattack in clear numerical superiority, he suffered it in his flesh when Yuri sent over Valcarce and, after hitting a defender, the Brazilian scored the 1-1.

It was the eighth goal of the season for the Brazilian, who had already made history at the Bercian club with the second goal last season against the same rival, becoming the team’s top scorer in history.

The draw further emboldened Almería, who went in search of the equalizer, with José Gomes putting all the available artillery on the field -Schettine, Razmani or Brian Rodríguez-, but without a doubt missing his striker Umar Sadiq absent due to suspension and that he achieved a triplet against this same rival in the first game of the year.

In full visitor harassment, Deportiva also warned, first Makaridze leaving at the feet of Pablo Valcarce and then in two arrivals of Paris Adot, as a prelude to the action of Dani Romero who, on the second, ended up leaving the ball for Moi Delgado put it out of the reach of the Almeria goalkeeper, with almost no time for reaction.

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SD Ponferradine: Expensive; Paris, Amo, Pascanu, Moi Delgado; Erik Morán (Saúl Crespo, M. 76), Larrea (Juergen, M. 68); Doncel (Adri Castellano, M. 90), Kaxe (Dani Romera, M. 76), Pablo Valcarce and Yuri.

UD Almería: Makaridze; Balliu, Maras, Cuenca, Akieme; Samú, Morlanes (Petrovic, M. 83), Carvalho (Lazo, M. 66); Villalba (Brian Rodríguez, M. 75), Villar (Schettine, M. 75) and Corpas (Razmani, M. 75).

Referee: Galech Apezteguia (Navarre Committee). He admonished Yuri (M. 32), Amo (M. 46), Erik Morán (M. 74) for SD Ponferradina; Fran Villalba (M. 16), Cuenca (M. 38), Carvalho (M. 47), Makaridze (M. 82), Schettine (M. 83) for UD Almería.

Goals: 0-1, Samú Costa (M. 40); 1-1, 1-1, Yuri (M. 59); 2-1, Moi Delgado (M. 89).

Incidents: Meeting corresponding to the thirtieth day of LaLiga SmartBank played behind closed doors at the El Toralín stadium.