Sports doctor sentenced to one year for the death of footballer Astori

Rome, May 3 (EFE) .- The Italian justice sentenced this Monday in the first instance to one year in prison for involuntary manslaughter to the sports doctor Giorgio Galanti for his responsibility in the death of the Fiorentina footballer Davide Astori, who died due to cardiac arrest three years ago, Italian media reported.

Galanti, in addition to a one-year prison sentence (a sentence that has been suspended), has also been sentenced to pay damages for a total of 1.09 million euros: 250,000 for his partner, 240,000 for his daughter and 600,000 for his parents and siblings.

The prosecutor asked the sports doctor for a sentence of a year and a half in prison, since the prosecution considered that Astori’s death was due to an error in the diagnosis of arrhythmogenic ventricular cardiomyopathy that prevented him from being a professional soccer player.

The thesis of the prosecution argued that if the pathology had been diagnosed in time Astori could have been saved, while the defense argued that the medical testing process had been developed correctly.

Galanti had been a sports advisor at Fiorentina and former director of the Sports Medicine Center at Careggi University Hospital.

Astori died of cardiac arrest in a hotel room on March 4, 2018 while concentrating with his team in Udine (north) before a match.

The defender died at the age of 31 after playing in Serie A with Cagliari (2008-2014), Roma (2014-2015) and Fiorentina (2015-2018), in addition to accumulating fourteen games with the Italian team and scoring a goal in the final for third and fourth place of the Confederations Cup won by the “azzurri” against Uruguay in 2013.

The death of the former Fiorentina captain shook the Italian sports world and thousands of people, including players, managers, coaches, politicians and fans attended the funeral, held in the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence. EFE