Spectacular pose by Georgina Rodríguez on a jet ski

Before the end of the year 2021, Georgina Rodriguez accompanied his partner Cristiano Ronaldo to Dubai to attend the ‘Globe Soccer Awards’ gala. That is why they also took the opportunity to enjoy the good weather in the city and its impressive beaches.

Once back home in Turin, the Spanish-Argentine has shared several captures on social networks in which she appears wearing her great guy in a swimsuit in the middle of January.

On this occasion, the family Ronaldo He enjoyed a New Year’s Eve at his family home. Georgina He also wanted to share several captures in which he appears next to Christian and her four children, Cristiano Jr, Alana Martina, Eva and Mateo.

“My life”, the young woman limited herself to writing next to the snapshot, which reached 2 million ‘I like you’.