‘Spanish football has not asked for any state or European aid’

Roig, president of the Villarreal, defended the need for clubs to “adjust their expenses to reality”, as well as the coexistence of large and modest teams in competitions and in The league Spanish that is “very important” for the fans.

“If this exceptional year our income has lowered, we are going to look for alternative solutions. Expenses must be adjusted to reality, you cannot think that this is infinite,” he said. Roig after the meeting in which 39 clubs The league unanimously showed their rejection of the creation of the Super League, except Athletic
Madrid, FC
Barcelona Y Real
Madrid, who were not invited.

Denies aid

Roig He stressed that “Spanish football has not asked for any state or European aid” in the current situation and considered that the solution “is not in more income, but in less expenses.” “All the teams that are represented here have balanced budgets,” he said.

Roig thinks that the Super league “destroys a global business model and the right to dream” and matches as a Villarreal-Seville they are “as palatable” for the fans as can be among other clubs considered bigger.

“To say that it is not can be even offensive. Villarreal does not want to get anywhere by excluding. It is not about kicking anyone out. I am against excluding, removing, sanctioning … we have to talk,” he replied. to the question of possible sanctions for the clubs that adhered to the Super league and that could benefit yours.