Spain is proclaimed champion of Europe for the first time

The Spanish rugby team ‘seven’ was proclaimed, for the first time, European champion after winning this Sunday against Lithuania (47-5) in the final of the second series played in Moscow.

The Spanish team was unapproachable throughout the European championship. They won the first series in Lisbon with full victories and in Moscow, with a single defeat against Portugal in the group stage, they certified their first continental title.

The Spanish journey through Russian lands began with two victories against Poland (33-0) and Georgia (38-0). In the third match, Portugal prevented Spain’s ninth consecutive win by beating Feijoo’s 19-17.

In the final phase played this Sunday, Spain started with a resounding victory over the Italians in the quarterfinals 36-7. In the semifinals, they did the same with the Germans, whom they beat 0-19 with two trials by captain Javier de Juan and one by Ramón Fernández de Caleya.

In the final, the group led by Pablo Feijoo imposed its authority over Lithuania, who could only sign one test against the 8 from Spain.