Spain already knows in which position it will sing in the final of Eurovision 2021

The Eurovision week is about to come to an end. After the celebration of the two semifinals that have given the names of the 26 countries that will compete for glory in Eurovision, the order in which they will go on stage is already known. Without a doubt, something of the most anticipated of the festival.

Although all countries hope to sing in the second part of the contest, Spain he has had no luck in that. Blas Cantó He will act in the last position of the first half, just before the intermission.

The Murcian will take the stage to perform his song “I’m going to stay” on the thirteenth, just after two of the great favorites of this edition perform: Gjon’s Tears, representative of Switzerland, and Iceland with his song ‘10 years ’.

It should be remembered that, while it is raffled in which half of the final each country performs, the specific position is decided by the organization of the Eurovision Song Contest in order to produce an attractive television show for the more than 200 million people who follow the contest around the world.

Blas Cantó, representative of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021


1. Cyprus / Elena Tsagrinou – “The Devil”

2. Albania / Anxhela Peristeri – “Karma”

3. Israel / Eden Alene – “Set Me Free”

4. Belgium / Hooverphonic – “The Wrong Place”

5. Russia / Manizha – “Russian Woman”

6. Malta / Destiny – “Je Me Casse”

7. Portugal / The Black Mamba – “Love Is On My Side”

8. Serbia / Hurricane – “Loco Loco”

9. UK / James Newman – “Embers”

10. Greece / Stefania – “Last Dance”

11. Switzerland / Gjon’s Tears – “Tout l’Univers”

12. Iceland / Da? I Freyr og Gagnamagni? – “10 Years”

13. Spain / Blas Cantó – “Voy A Querdarme”

14. Moldova / Natalia Gordienko – “SUGAR”

15. Germany / Jendrik – “I Don’t Feel Hate”

16. Finland / Blind Channel – “Dark Side”

17. Bulgaria / Victoria – “Growing Up is Getting Old”

18. Lithuania / The Roop – “Discoteque”

19. Ukraine / Go_A – “Shum”

20. France / Barbara Pravi – “Voilà”

21. Azerbaijan / Efendi – “Mata Hari”

22. Norway / TIX – “Fallen Angel”

23. Netherlands / Jeangu Macrooy – “Birth of a New Age”

24. Italy / Måneskin – “Zitti E Buoni”

25. Sweden / Tusse – “Voices”

26. San Marino / Senhit – “Adrenaline”