Spain accelerates the vaccination plan: beats its record in doses administered in one day

Spain has inoculated 242,485 doses in 24 hours of vaccines against the coronavirus, highest figure since immunization campaign began, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Health.

So far, the number of people with a complete inoculated pattern now amounts to 1,342,485, 2.84 percent of the Spanish population, after 33,572 citizens received the second dose in the last hours.

This is reflected in the data provided this Friday by the Ministry of Health, which put the doses delivered to the autonomous communities at 5,583,955 – the same data as yesterday – and the doses administered in 4,471,577 (80.1% of delivered).

The doses inoculated since the last count total 242,485, a record figure since the start of the campaign.

To date, 3,755,447 doses have been administered from the Pfizer / Biontec laboratories, 176,792 from Moderna and 539,338 from Astrazeneca.

The autonomous community that has given the most vaccines over the one it has received is Andalusia, which has reached 86%, followed by Aragon with 85.8%, Galicia with 82.7%, Extremadura with 82.1%, Catalonia with 81.1%, Navarra with 80.4%, Cantabria with 80.2% and Madrid with 80% of available doses inoculated. The autonomous city of Ceuta accounts for 85.7%.

These nine regions equal or exceed 80% of the doses given, but all have put more than 70% of the doses received (from 73.7% in the Balearic Islands), except for the Basque Country, which remains at 62.8%.