South America ratifies qualifying matches for the March World Cup

At this time, noon in South America and mid-afternoon in Europe, the situation is as follows: the double date of Qualifiers for Qatar It has been ratified by the South American Football Confederation, and the reserved list of the different teams is expected for Friday for the matches at the end of March.

The fifth and sixth matchday is loaded with very important matches. On March 26, in the new stadium of Santiago
Estuary, in northern Argentina, the selection of Leo Messi must play against him Uruguay of Ronald
Araujo and and Luis
Suarez. Five days later, in the Brazilian northeast, in Recife, Argentina will be a visitor before Brazil.

The problem is only one: the transfer of footballers for this double date. Specific, Germany, England Y China require 14-day quarantines for those returning from South AmericaTherefore, the players who act on this double date would miss matches in their national leagues upon their return. But it is also involved Spain, which requires 10 days of quarantine for those returning from Brazil.

In this circumstance, the Conmebol contacted Gianni
Infantino, president of FIFA, to try to ensure the presence of its main footballers.

A senior South American leader assured MD: “We define to keep the date to die.”

One piece of information makes the will of the South American Confederation to play the double day of March. The virtual meeting of Gianni
Infantino with the highest South American leadership it was scheduled for Thursday or Friday, but it was postponed to Monday. But before, Friday or no later than Saturday, the list of reserved players will be known. Therefore, when the appointment with Infantino takes place, there will already be lists made, and the question will be on the table with proper names of footballers.

Did we ever write ” America proposes, Europe disposes ”, in relation to this issue. This time, America He wants to have the players, and plays his cards hard to dispute the double date of March.


Thursday 25 March

Bolivia – Peru

Venezuela- Ecuador

Chile – Paraguay

Friday 26 March

Argentina- Uruguay

Colombia- Brazil


Tuesday 30 March

Brazil- Argentina

Uruguay- Bolivia

Paraguay- Colombia

Peru- Venezuela

Ecuador- Chile