Soria Natural and Hemp Farms The Vault create Naturasor

Soria Natural, a benchmark in the natural medicine sector, together with Hemp Farms The Vault, a world specialist in cannabis cultivation, and the Pitma Group, experts in business development, have joined forces to create Laboratorios Naturasor, a company with 100% Spanish capital that is positioned as the first vertically integrated cannabis industry for medical use, from seed to medicine.

Naturasor works in three lines of business: the cultivation of cannabis, the sale of cannabis extracts for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, and the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products under its own brand. This new Spanish company seeks to lead an emerging market, that of medicine made from cannabis.

Naturasor, which has already started its activity in Spain through pilot experiences, plans to start the commercialization of its first products during the second quarter of 2021.

The company has a subsidiary in Mexico, participates in Colombia and will soon disembark in Brazil, New Zealand and Thailand. Naturasor was born as a project with aspirations to lead the sector in international markets, always under the strictest health safety controls, betting on high levels of quality and sustainability and following a model based on the circular economy and social responsibility.