Sonsoles Ónega ‘explodes’ at the rumors of divorce between Iker and Sara: ‘Everything has a limit!’

The news that Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero They had decided to divorce, according to the exclusive ‘Lecturas’ magazine, they are giving a lot to talk about but, for the moment, neither the ex-footballer nor the journalist have wanted to comment on the matter.

That is why this Thursday, Sonsoles Ónega and Alba Carrillo have shown their anger with their colleagues from the ‘Fresh!’ from ‘It’s already noon’ Isabel Rábago and Miguel Ángel Nicolás.

“We could open a debate on the pressure on the issue of ruptures, the pressure exerted on the characters. They have no freedom ”, the model started, visibly upset. “What this lady is saying is true and is very important,” said the presenter of the program.

Iker Casillas with Sara Carbonero leaving the Hospital de Navarra.

“They have to separate because we want to … No sir, it’s the other way around,” he insisted. Alba Carrillo. “Does a character have the right to communicate such news? I agree with her, “he asked. Ónega.

“Does a journalist have the right to tell what he knows?” Was the response of Michelangelo Nicholas. “Well, that is my question regarding personal issues. Everything has a limit Isabel Rábago and it is not playing very low ”, sentenced the journalist and writer.