“Sometimes we get hotter than necessary”

The Cook
Karlos Arguiñano
He dismissed the season of his Antena 3 program this Sunday with an unexpected message dedicated to all its viewers. And it is that the cook recognized that perhaps, on some occasion, he has said things that they may have upset someone and asked for forgiveness.

“I always make excuses when I finish the seasons, because one here, every day, alone, talking and talking …”, began the chef, not without qualifying that many people work on the program, but that in his case he spends many hours in front of the camera, alone. “I am aware that on more than one occasion I will have said things that have also bothered someone“Continued the television, while cooking. It is for this reason that the cook decided to apologize.

Karlos Arguiñano’s apologies: ‘Sometimes we get hotter than necessary’.

I ask for forgiveness but from the heart. I apologize from my heart if I said things that bothered someone, “said Arguiñano in his program‘Karlos Arguiñano’s open kitchen’, Although making it clear that he will continue talking a lot, as always.

Karlos Arguiñano: “I ask for forgiveness but from the heart”

Also I’ve always been talkative, so I’ll keep talking. But if I have bothered someone with a conversation or a comment I have made during this year, I sincerely ask for forgiveness. Sorry ”, insisted the cook, who assured that he has“ nothing against anyone ”.

“Another thing is that, as things go by, the days, the news … because one gets warmer sometimes and sometimes we get hotter than necessary“Added Arguiñano.